Our First Trip

Our first blog begins with our first trip in the new (ok old, but new for us) travel trailer… a 1993 19′ Fleetwood Prowler – ain’t she a beaut?!

Well, she didn’t start that way – as you can see when we got her (by the way, she likes to be referred to by her name, “Wine’d Down“), ole WD needed some minor cosmetic touchups. Hey, its 20+ years old – who doesn’t. Anyway, after my soulmate and love of my life suggested replacing the ugly/dirty blue carpet with some new flooring, that’s when the trouble arose. The front side had all the plywood rotted and of course the walls as well. The roof wasn’t leaking and the AC worked great and all of this was dry – so the good news was, other than the trouble, it wasn’t very expensive to fix. So, while we’re there ripping out the walls and studs to the bare shell, might as well fix her up in the process. Here are some before and after shots.


So, other than a few curtains and shelf liners, we’re all ready to go. But where? How can we make a huge decision like that? It wasn’t hard… we looked around for some place relatively close by, where we haven’t been many times and actually had a view and something to do while we’re there. The answer – Lake Guntersville (an Alabama State Park) campground. It was close enough in case we got in trouble, yet not in the trailer park up the road so we feel like we’re on a trip. Looks like a nice place, heard great reviews on the site and from friends… so off we go for 2 nights. Wish us luck!


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